Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Granny Gown Reconstruction

I'm always looking for ways to recycle and re-purpose things around the house. 

This nightgown was a gift from my sister.  While it was perfectly comfortable, I just never found myself wearing it.  Maybe it just seemed to dowdy - which isn't how I see myself at all :)
I thought back to those babydoll nighties from the 50's and 60's and figured I'd turn it into a project and see what I could make of it.

I started by taking about 24" off the bottom with the intention of using the leftover fabric to make a ruffled hem.  I realized that i did not have enough fabric to make the full ruffle that I wanted but that I did have enough to make a pair of matching bloomers!

I've since determined that the sleeves have to go.  I think it would look so much cuter either sleeveless or with little cap sleeves.

This is what it started as
Screen shot from "Bye Bye Birdie"

Here it is finished with matching bloomers!


  1. This little set is remarkably cute, such a wonderful job! Well done you! I'm in the process of making something very similar myself at the moment in purple gingham, I just have the bloomers to finish.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog by the way and for saying such a nice thing about my blog x

    1. Your set sounds adorable :)
      Good luck with the bloomers. Personally, I was surprised at the amount of fabric they required. Definitely the most time consuming part of the project.

    2. Thank you! My top has short sleeves and only recently did I figure out the pattern to the bloomers, it made absolutely no sense and they sat in my unfinished pile for over a year before it suddenly clicked. Of course, I now need to sew them!

      Did you use a pattern for yours or did you self draft one?

      Melanie x

    3. Hi Melanie,
      I've since taken the sleeves off mine but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. I'm torn between adding them back as short puff sleeves or just leaving it sleeveless.
      I adapted my pattern for the bloomers from a panty pattern I found online. Because the fabric doesn't stretch I had to increase the size a bit but i'm happy with the way they came out. Good luck with yours.

  2. That's very cute! Great job!